Skopje, 29 November 2002
Roundtable Debate on the cooperation between Parliament and civil society in the legislative process

Skopje, 25-29 February 2004
Regional Exchange visit of Romanian Delegation to Macedonia

Skopje, 12-14 January 2005 
Regional Roundtable New Challenges and Objectives

Skopje, 27-29 March 2005
Regional Roundtable Transparent and Accountable Governance of the Local Authorities

Skopje, 27-31 May 2005
Trilateral Exchange Visit of members of Parliament and NGO representatives from Montenegro, and Macedonia

Skopje, 15 June 2005
NGO/Parliament Team meeting, Legislatures and Citizens

Skopje, 17-21 May 2006 
Trilateral Exchange Visit of a joint delegation from the Parliaments and NGOs of Serbia and  met with their counterparts in the Republic of Macedonia.