Sarajevo, 9-10 May 2002

Feedback Meeting between Bosnian MPs and NGO representatives, Legislatures and Citizens

Sarajevo, 26 November 2002
Roundtable Debate on the cooperation between Parliament and civil society in the legislative process

Sarajevo, 31 March 2005
Parliament/Civil Society Team Meeting

Sarajevo, 21 June 2005
Regional Roundtable Liberalization of visa regulations in BiH  experience from the region and EU countries

Sarajevo, 31 May-3 June 2006 
Trilateral Exchange Visit of MPs and Civil Society representatives from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and .

Sarajevo, 12 September 2006 
Regional Roundtable: Obstacles on BiH’s Way to the EU  How to Achieve a More Liberal Visa Regime in BiH and the Region